Moshe Ladanga

The Film Avant-Garde: Then and Now

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I’ve been studying the works of the experimental filmmakers from the 70’s, because probably I’ve come from a film school education, and I identify with their way of thinking about the making of images, or in this case, revealing them. The Film Structuralists of the London Film Co-operative had interesting experiments, the most iconic one by LeGrice, Berlin Horse.


“I have come to realize that my main interest is in creating experiences rather than concepts. Ideas emerge from sensation from colour, image, sound, movement and time.” -Malcolm Le Grice on Luxonline

That one though is a recent quote. Apparently, most of them are quite active, still teaching, still making work, and are still as passionate as they were.

When you look at the numerous film installations now popular in art galleries, (most of them from contemporary art world stars), the images tip and verge on objectification, quite like the sacred treatment of icons in a church. Instead of going into the craft of image-making itself, the moving images are held in a self-conscious way. Perhaps it is the aftermath of so much deconstructive thought, the reduction that started in the early 20th century; its as if you cannot make art unless you refer to a tradition (or innovation), or reveal yourself, or throw a sophisticated insolent curse at authority. It’s interesting though, and I definitely can relate (grew up in the grunge era).

But how can I form something that doesn’t dictate upon the eye, a work that engages perception directly? Maybe in that space between seeing and understanding, there can be possibilities of expression, a space to open the process of meaning-making to the viewer.


Written by mosheladanga

March 18, 2008 at 11:39 AM

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