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Finally, a website

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The last few weeks I’ve been collating my work and organizing it, figuring out the best way to show my work. I do a lot of different things, and I remembered the graphical interface of Puredata, which is the inspiration for the Main page.

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August 11, 2008 at 11:22 PM

Video work

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This is a short clip of a sequence I made for the film. I realized that the forms that I captured and manipulated in FinalCutPro were indicative of this theme of deconstruction/revelation in all my work. The abstraction is an effort to reveal motion, to work towards an alternative way of perceiving the image. The elliptic progression of the black&white image on the colored forms needs to be developed more, and maybe integrated visually with the color with the addition of animated elements, such as rough black lines.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This one is another clip from a work-in-progress, a transitional sequence that goes from color to black&white. The progression of the transformation is done through a series of camera motions, and the mirror filter acts like a symmetrical force, an effort to bring the chaos to order. The risk here is in terms of film rhythm is that the symmetry brings the energy to a stop, a peak. I’m still studying how to convey the sense of symmetrical imposition without this effect, this “tada” effect.

When I was back home in the Philippines, I shot some footage to experiment with the camera. This was captured in extreme close-up, with a stuttered shutter to convey the rhythm of the rain. When I brought the clip in to FinalCutPro, I tinkered with the frame rate and added modulation to the color grading. It’s a bit short though, but the footage is a minute long, and I think I can stretch it to 20mins with slo-mo. In terms of film language, this is one area I want to explore- the extension of time, the zen-like stillness, and the subtle changes in color. Maybe in such footage, the deconstructions I want to do will be more seen, and be more understood.

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October 14, 2007 at 3:06 PM