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Studies on Symmetry

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In Paul Virilio’s imagery for Negative Horizon, he uses these hybrid concepts to represent the human condition. I was inspired by these concepts (locomotion, metampsychosis, endocolonization, etc.) and made a quite a few drawings for the project.

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mosh-sketch01.jpg mosh-sketch02.jpg mosh-sketch03.jpg
Then what struck me about all of these images and metaphors was its implicit action: the ages-old push of mankind for power. Virilio describes this as a vector, and visually, in the video below, I tried to capture this movement, this never-ending drive, the rhythm of progress.

To develop this, I shall use this as a technique for the collaboration as a way of image manipulation, to convey the dynamics of power.

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Written by mosheladanga

December 6, 2007 at 8:34 AM

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