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Identity Show

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The Catalogue:



Pictures from the show’s private view:

identity-show-opening-024.jpg identity-show-opening-01.jpg identity-show-opening-02.jpg

identity-show-opening-08.jpg identity-show-opening-015.jpg identity-show-opening-07.jpg

identity-show-opening-014.jpg identity-show-opening-016.jpg identity-show-opening-09.jpg

Documentation of my work in the gallery:

self-portrait-setup-01.jpg self-portrait-setup-03.jpg

self-portrait-setup-05.jpg self-portrait-setup-02.jpg

This is the piece I showed in the Identity Show in Wilsons Gallery.

I also setup Jessica d’Avigdor’s work (‘Taking a Walk’).

taking-a-walk-01.jpg identity-show-opening-012.jpg taking-a-walk-04.jpg

The only thing that was lacking I think in my participation of the show was the placement of the work; the LCD screens were sort of set apart from the other works, and I think Brian Fitzgerald (one of the curators) was very mindful of how the displays can distract the viewers from seeing the other pieces. Perhaps if the screens were strategically placed (like in the Abstraction Show) in between the works, it would create a path that would lead the viewer all the way down the corridor.

What I’ve learned from participating in this show is that it is important to take part in the curation, particularly in this case where most of the works were in traditional media. However, during the private view, the placement of the screens didn’t hinder people from watching the videos. The screens really attract people, the moving images casting a “spell”- haha:)

All in all though, it was a great experience, and made new friends in the MA courses.


Written by mosheladanga

March 19, 2008 at 6:18 AM

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