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Drawings (For Assessments)

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Drawing for me is where it all starts. It is an act of conceivng the things around me, and nowadays, an act of self-reflection.

*Please click on each image to see in full

Body Studies

September to October 2007

mosh-body-study-01.jpg mosh-body-study-02.jpg bodies-study011.jpg bodies-study010.jpg

A Study of the Body as Gesture

November 2007


Transformation Series

-a study for media compositions in Final Cut Pro and Motion

November 2007

transform-study-02.jpg transform-study-01.jpg transform-study-03.jpg transform-study-04.jpg transform-study-05.jpg transform-study-06.jpg

Four Body Gestures

-studies made while reading Paul Virilio’s Negative Horizon

November to December 2007

body-gesture-02.jpg body-gesture-04.jpg body-gesture-03.jpg body-gesture-05.jpg

3 Hybrids

-studies inspired by L. Manovich’s concept of hybridity, “combined” with the imagery of Virilio in Negative Horizon

November to December 2007

hybrid-study-01.jpg hybrid-study-02.jpg hybrid-study-03.jpg

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abstract05.jpg bodies-study010.jpg mosh-camden-crowd-study.jpg


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December 6, 2007 at 8:33 AM

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