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This is the first experiment for the collaboration with my partner, Katrin Maria Escay. We tested the initial rules we formulated for the project, and the rhythm of the piece I think indicates the method of interference and manipulation. We also used images of ourselves to express the clashing of ideas and identities in such a juxtaposition. We presented this at the MA Digital Arts Forum.

On the second collaborative experiment, we used the video pieces we’ve made to test the rules we formulated. But as we were editing it, the correspondence shifted to a different tone. As the images evolved, the techniques became more meaningful. We also happen to use this sort of “slit” as the form of the frames, and it made the overall image more intense, more focused. For the future experiments, I’ll probably explore 3D renderings, and also think of more radical ways of engaging Katrin’s imagery.

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head-foucault.jpg divide01.jpg leo.jpg 2ndtutorial-wholemixed.jpg red-bw.jpg


Written by mosheladanga

December 6, 2007 at 8:34 AM

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