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The test site show we did was instructive; the experience taught me a lot of things about working with other people, and at the same time, pushed me to develop my personal vision (heck, this is the first time to show work in a gallery setup). The pieces from across the MA’s were interesting, the variated takes on the theme invigorated my mind.

Please click on the images to see in full:

imga3208.jpg imga3206.jpg imga3201.jpg

imga3219.jpg imga3141.jpg imga3151.jpg

imga3122.jpg imga3127.jpg imga3144.jpg

imga3262.jpg imga3210.jpg imga3263.jpg

*A comprehensive pictorial documentation is on Flickr as well.

*The catalogue in PDF form: Abstraction Show



Frame Grabs from my piece in the show.

*Please click on the images to see in full.

progress-01.jpg progress-02.jpg

progress-03.jpg progress-04.jpg

progress-05.jpg progress-06.jpg

The video that I made for the show is a revised edit of the Study of Symmetry piece. I watched the other pieces of footage I had that I shot in the similar manner (15fps, shake-induced smearing) and constructed a dynamic line that builds the experience of progress, the structuring of power edifices and facades. I wanted the beginning to evoke the rise of the architecture like a phantasm of data, built and destroyed, built and destroyed, like history. I also put some parts of the piece in Motion, and experimented with layering; the artefact of the image (the pixels) begins to show at its edges when the footage floats above its own replica.

The piece does have sound, which I finished two weeks ago. I wanted the sound to construct a sense of space, a disembodied sense of a march into the city.



Written by mosheladanga

March 9, 2008 at 11:41 PM

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