Moshe Ladanga

MADA 08 Project Proposal (initial version)

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MA Digital Arts
University of the Arts London
Camberwell College of Arts
Katrin Maria Escay and Moshe Ladanga


Research Question:
We want to explore the visual language we have developed in our undergraduate thesis, Mga Bagay na May Pakpak. Using video imagery as language, we plan to continue the conversation between the two frame projections through a deeper and more intimate consideration of how our individual visions can inform the merging and evolution of the images. We propose making the film into a long-form cyclical work, allowing each artist to fully express his/her vision through individual montages of personal imagery, and then engaging each other’s images into transformations, fusing them into singular moving images that will further evolve until the cycle ends and begins again.


Our film is based on Sergei Eisenstein’s Theory of Montage. In our research, we also found his studies on the orchestration and treatment of film elements as music. We will investigate these concepts as a means of building a structure for the long form of the film. We also plan to research on the British Moderns, particularly the novels of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, with their innovations regarding the use of conscious and sub-conscious imagery as language. The works of Bill Viola, Maya Deren, and The London Film Collective use the image as a potent catalyst for their films, and it in this spirit that we experiment with our own set of images.


Each artist will keep individual workbooks/diaries that will document thoughts and emotions through drawings, video footage and photographs. We plan to alternate between shooting new footage and editing sessions, constantly collaborating and “jamming” with our material. We also plan to document our discussions to observe the spontaneous juxtaposition of thought, and to study how other artists converse and communicate with their work.

We would need a laptop with video editing capability (FinalCutPro), a 3CCD digital video camcorder, an external portable hard drive and a video monitor. We would also need a studio space where we can draw and hold our jamming and editing sessions. We also plan to go the Tate Modern and view their film and video collections, and also attend the numerous gallery exhibitions of video work throughout the year.


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May 12, 2007 at 2:27 PM

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