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Pictures from an Exhibition

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The week of the MA Degree Show was hectic, exhilarating and most of all, thought-provoking. It was my first experience of invigilation (what a posh word!), and by far, this was the best thing, the most rewarding thing for me. I’ll write about it in my next post.

First things first; here are pictures of our installation, Reproduction Prohibited (2008), courtesy of Tim, as seen from the MA08 Flickr pool.

corridor installation view 01

corridor installation view 02

Reproduction Prohibited (2008)- Katrin Maria Escay

Reproduction Prohibited (2008)-Moshe Ladanga

Reproduction Prohibited (2008), detailed view- Katrin Maria Escay

Reproduction Prohibited (2008), detailed view- Moshe Ladanga

Reproduction Prohibited (2008), detailed view

Reproduction Prohibited (2008), detailed view

*Please visit the MA08 site which contains a comprehensive archive of MA Work from the show:

The great thing about the show was getting to know so many people from the other courses; those long hours of preparation and invigilation provided us the opportunity to finally share stories with the other MA’s, and also getting to know what their work is about. During this time I’ve grown to really care about our batch of foolhardy artists who happened to be in the same space for the span of time. I’m proud of the camaraderie and the friendships we’ve formed, and there’s nothing better than getting to talk about everything with such a warm and comfortable group of people.

Here’s to the best possibilities and the fulfillment of potential:)



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