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Making the colloquium video was hard; we couldn’t agree on what to say, how we should present our ideas, our own rationales, and the shared vision we had. So the only way we could do it is by taping a series of conversations where we talk about our research and rely on the spontaneity of thought.

The video reflects this; but I think I could have said more- or maybe it is really like this in a collaborative project, where voices have to meet at some point and let go of individual agendas to try something new.

There was an interesting question raised during the colloquium regarding the presentation of our work. Somebody asked if we weren’t bothered by how we presented our work, with all the computer brands popping up on the screen. Honestly, I wasn’t bothered at all with it, just taken it for granted since I work on with computer everyday.

But I thought about it, and after a couple of days, I admit they have a point. Presenting your work well is important, especially when all you have is a glance as the only opportunity to say something to somebody. Will keep it in mind for the final show.


Written by mosheladanga

May 12, 2008 at 10:11 PM

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