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The first MA Lecture we attended was a collaboration between two artists; one mainly works on drawing and the other on interactive software design. There were interesting similarities that I found between their processes and ours (Katrin and I’s), but the striking contrast was this subtle implication of control. The female artist revealed that the ideas came from him, and she just “drew” from there. Clearly, this is not the type of collaboration we wanted.

The other collaborative work we saw was between James Scott, a filmmaker, and George Hamilton, the artist who worked with reconstructed US pop images from the 60’s era. It was wonderful. They produced a film together, and during the talk after, they shared that it was a very open process, and that the cinematographer and the editor also gave very pivotal ideas on how to visually represent the layers of meaning in the image-symbols. The dynamic of the collaboration went from one idea to the next, but all came from Hamilton’s work, like a spoke of a spinning wheel.

There is something to this, and I think that with our collaboration, the roles are inherent with the process- what we plan to do is to have a sort of “meta-exchange” of ideas, a conversation between two minds represented audio-visually. As reference, we have recorded two conversations that will be posted as podcasts on our blogs. We’ll also have this exercise of putting two images together everday that we’ll also post on our respective web pages.

Hope it works!


This one is the first set of images from the film we made, the “seed” of our project proposal. They are frame grabs.


These are the combinations we did for the project proposal. In movement, the colored frame is temporal and fluid, the black&white frame is stark and rough.





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October 9, 2007 at 6:58 AM

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