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We went to Camden during our first week here in London, and I was awestruck at the place. It was so alive, and the energy was filling me up with excitement. It is this feeling that I tried to communicate in this study, and I also wanted to develop how I perceive 3 dimensional space or form through the simplicity of the line and shade.


We were staying at a student residence, and for a few nights we had party-loving “neighbors” (just a thin plywood sheet away). The dots represent the form of my thoughts, discontinuous and fragmentary, like synapses who wandered far from the neural flock. The forms of the bodies are organic and ambiguous, and I think it reflects what I’m partial to in terms of visuals, and probably it will be how I am going to shoot and treat the footage for the collaborative work. But admittedly, it’s still in the mix, so to speak.


Since late last year I’ve been making these body studies as a way of keeping myself preoccupied, like creating your own small circle of solitude. I find myself making some again, but I think they have evolved somewhat.


There is something I want to explore with this, bu I’m not quite sure what it is yet. I know it has something to do with perception and identity, but I’m not quite sure yet in what context.


Written by mosheladanga

September 26, 2007 at 11:09 PM

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