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This book is sort of an illustration of how I think, and the process of how I create. Ever since I started on the film, I’ve found the act of drawing a very enjoyable one. The act allows me to be less self-conscious, and I can reflect on what I observe around me, as well as express what I can’t say in words.

My filmmaking process is a very visual one, and a particular passion of mine is cinematography. Storyboarding is a skill that I find very useful, and usually it saves a lot of time and money when I set out to make something. I is also a way for me to figure out things, to try certain concepts out on paper first, then have some test shoots. For our 12 minute thesis film, I made some boards that illustrate this process, and also shows how I think in terms of the moving image.




When I look at these ideas, there is a visual theme of transformation that I’ve found quite interesting. I’ve been reading (quite slowly, too slowly I think) The Language of New Media, and the his idea of film imagery as a database lead me to think of my own visual vocabulary. This idea of a visual language, a cinematic one that can evolve as it progresses in time, holds so many possibilities. I’m very interested now in developing this and taking it further. One f problem though is that enormous pitfall of the esoteric; maybe it’s my 4 years in film school, but this thing in my head keeps urging me to communicate clearly in my work.


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May 12, 2007 at 2:27 PM